Asian Brides – Why Are They Considered To Be The Best Wives?

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There is no accounting for taste. Some men love American girls, some like to date Slavic ladies, and some consider Asian brides to be the most gorgeous ones. If you belong to the third group, you might be interested in meeting asian brides. Such a decision has no cons – these women are perfect when it comes to family life.

Moreover, today there are a lot of ways to meet your exotic girlfriend without leaving the country you live in. Dating websites, agencies, social networks, the Internet provides us with everything we need to connect with people abroad.

However, finding a girl is only half the battle. Asian culture is fantastic, mysterious and sophisticated, and you need to know at least the core aspects of it to attract your future wife’s attention and make her fall in love with you. Besides, mail order brides from Asian countries are not for sale, and that is the thing that should be emphasized at the very beginning of the review. You do need to understand these girls to win the heart of a beautiful lady. In this review, you will find some useful dating tips, information about Asian culture, and recommendations to win her affection.

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Asian mail-order brides

What Are the Major Differences Between Western Brides & Asian Brides Based on Culture and Expat Life

Western brides are often Western women who have been raised in the United States, Canada, or Europe. Asian brides are women who have been brought up in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Western brides tend to be more independent and organized while Asian brides are more traditional and family-oriented. Westerners may find it difficult to adjust to the culture of Asia because they are used to living a very structured life with a lot of rules. Asians may feel that Westerners don’t understand their culture and values.

Asian cultures tend to prioritize education over work. This can lead to many issues for those who come from Western countries where work is a priority instead of school. The expectation for work hours is also lower in Asia which can cause conflict between the couple’s schedules when one person has a job that requires long hours but the other doesn’t want to put in as much time at work as they would like.

Myths about Asian brides

There is no nation in the world that would not be associated with certain stereotypes. Not all of them are bad, but still, most of them are nothing more than a relic of the past. Some people doubt that marrying an Asian girl is a good idea, and these doubts are usually connected with stereotypes. So let us take a closer look at the “facts” about Asian women that are not true.

Stereotype #1. They do not speak English

Education is everything for Asian youngsters and their parents. Of course, learning English is a must for every educated person in any Asian country. It cannot be said that everyone there knows the international language there, but the vast majority of young and middle-aged people speak it pretty well or at least well enough to understand what they are talking about. Even if she has some problems with expressing her thoughts in English, she will learn it soon if she is really interested in you.

Stereotype #2. They are poor

There are different countries in Asia, and all of them have different levels of economic development. Moreover, if you compare the average salary in the USA and the average salary in China, you will notice a big gap. However, if you compare the prices, the gap will be huge as well. Although some Asian countries are poor, most of them are not. Still, this does not mean that she does not care how much you earn. In Korea, for instance, you have to pay the dowry for a bride, and it is not cheap.

Stereotype #3. Asian girls are submissive

It cannot be said that they are not submissive at all. Yes, they do respect their husbands, cook, keep the house clean, raise children, and so on and so forth. However, this does not mean that they do not have their own opinion or will. In other words, they are not servants or geisha. These women are modern, strong, and intelligent. They are less emancipated that most of the Western ladies, but that is all.

Stereotype #4. Asian women desperately want to move to your country

There is no denying that there are gold diggers in the world, but there are very few of them in Asia. These ladies have no need to sell themselves to a foreigner in search of a better life. Yes, they are really motivated to marry a foreigner, but such marriages are popular for other reasons. Asian women consider men from Western countries to be hot, tall, strong, masculine, and intelligent. That is why dating a guy from America or the UK, or Australia is a dream of many girls from China or Korea.

Truth about Asian Mail order brides

Asian wife mail-order

If you are reading this article, you have probably heard that Asian women are amazing. But what exactly does this means? Ladies of any nationality are fantastic in their own way, so what distinguishes these exotic beauties from others?

Fact #1. They want to start a family

Asian women are family-oriented, and this is one of their biggest advantages from a man’s point of view. If a girl from China, Thailand or any other Asian country is looking for a man, she is not going to date him 2 or 5 years to say him ‘no’ after all this time. A nice house, loving husband, and children, all this is a scenario she is dreaming about. So if you want to marry and start a strong family, you have the same goals.

Fact #2. They are well-educated

Some mistakenly believe Asian women are family-oriented because they are not well-educated. This is not true. The vast majority of them hold a university degree, have many hobbies, and know a few languages. Do not think that your wife will have no interests except for you, your house, and your children. She is an interesting personality with a strong wish for self-development and self-realization. This does not mean that she will be a bad wife. Asian ladies combine work and family life successfully.

Fact #3. They are loyal and supportive

As we have already mentioned, traditions matter to any Asian girl. Any man who marries to one of them can count on her support, loyalty, and love. Moreover, you can also be sure that she will not find a hot 20-year-old macho and leave you one day. Deceit is not in their nature.

Fact #4. They stay young and beautiful

Some men are afraid of the following scenario: you marry a beautiful woman, a few years pass, and a beauty turns into a beast just because she has already reached her main goal. Well, that is not about Asian women. They want to stay attractive, and genes are on their side. It seems that they do not grow old and look tiny and cute as in their 20s as in their 40s. However, they do not rely on beauty only – these girls take care of themselves daily, so you can expect your wife to stay attractive for a really long time.

Fact #5. They are good homemakers

Asian women consider that a husband is in charge of everything except for homemaking. It is their responsibility, and there is no denying that they do their job perfectly. They know how to keep things in order, what to buy and where to place it, how to plan a budget and when to go to the store. Most of them are perfectionists, so your house is likely to look more beautiful than ever.

Fact #6. They do not spend money on useless things

The good news for most men is also that they do not buy useless stuff. This can be explained by typical Asian minimalism. If you have ever visited one China or any other country you have probably noticed that many natives do not have a lot of things. Of course, your house will not be like an ancient Chinese house, but the mentality of these women is very special. She will not buy a tenth skirt if she does not need it.

These are so-called good stereotypes about Asian mail order brides. Fortunately, all of them are true, and you can really expect your future wife to be this kind of woman. It is a dream that can become a reality. Continue reading if you want to know how to find an Asian wife, how to act to meet her expectations, and what kind of dating services to use to start a happy family with a loving woman.

What do Asian brides expect from you?

Now you know what to expect from Asian ladies, but what kind of men do they like? It should be emphasized that they do not want anything extraordinary – just take into account their cultural background and treat them well. Here are some useful tips that can help you make a good impression on your exotic girlfriend.

  • Do not rush things. Asian women are not easy; moreover, they think that many Western men are playboys. Be patient and do not rush things. Try to know her better, demonstrate your interest, get her some small gifts and text her regularly, and you will win her heart.
  • Make her laugh. These girls love men with a good sense of humor, and they laugh easily, so you do not have to be a comedian to see her smile.
  • Do not be passive. Do not her expect to make the first step. Asian ladies think that man should act like a man in everything, so do not hesitate to demonstrate that you are really interested in her. Warm words, cute gestures, thoughtful gifts are always appreciated.
  • Respect her family. Family matters a lot to girls from all Asian countries. Meeting parents is one of the most important events in life, and you should be prepared. Get acquainted with the core aspects of their culture, do not hesitate to show that you have enough money to give their daughter everything she needs, be polite, demonstrate respect, and you will make a good impression on the most important people in her life.
  • Be ready to pay the bills. As we have already mentioned, people in Asian countries are very conservative. The roles in the family are also traditional ones. It is considered that a husband pays for a woman, and a woman is a homemaker. If you offer her to split the bill in a restaurant, she will hardly meet you again.
  • Learn her language. Of course, this does not mean that you have to learn the language immediately, but learning a few simple words and phrases would be a big advantage. This will not make communication easier but will show her that you are very serious about her.