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Thai Girs And How To Date Them

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Any culture is unique, and it influences literally every aspect of life, including dating. Finding a wife in Thailand is easy, but winning her affection is difficult. Here are the most useful tips that will help you win a Thai girl’s heart and avoid all common mistakes that foreigners usually make.

Thai bride

Be stylish

Always dress to success. Of course, people say that appearance is not everything, and personality is what really matters. However, there is also no denying the fact that the first impression is very important, and it will depend on how you look. Many foreigners consider that they do not have to dress well, especially in Thailand, but the truth is if you look untidy, you are less likely to impress a Thai girl of your dreams. Forget about shoes and socks, flipflops, and old tropical print shorts. If you are looking for your love on a dating website, choose the best photos. This will help you attract women’s attention and make a positive impression on the cutest girls.

Be polite

All women like gentlemen and Thai girls are not an exception. Be polite, listen to her carefully, and try to make her laugh, and she will not be able to resist. You do not have to shower her with high-end gifts, but giving her a thoughtful little present is always a good idea. Just do not be surprised if she does not open it in your presence, it is just another Thai tradition.

Do not rush things

It may surprise you to know that Thai women are not easy. Moreover, premarital sex is taboo for most of them. They want to ensure that you are the man they have always been looking for and that you two will start a strong happy family. Respect this position, do not rush things, and you will earn her love and respect.

Say no to public displays of affection

This may seem strange, but even in such a progressive country like Thailand, public displays of affection are discouraged. Kissing and hugs in the streets are what can make your girlfriend feel embarrassed. Of course, you two should not act like you are strangers, but taking her hand is more than enough. Another important thing to keep in mind is that public quarrels are also unacceptable.

Meet her mom and dad

Meeting her parents is one of the most significant moments in your relationship. Thailand is the Asian country, no wonder that parents have the right to decide if you are a good husband to their daughter. Be polite and show them that you can provide her with everything she needs. Inviting her mom and dad to your country is also a very good idea.

Keep smiling

Hiding negative feelings and emotions is another significant aspect of Asian culture. Chinese, Japanese, Korean people smile not because they are always positive but because it is normal behavior for them. Why not smile with them? This will help you show respect and make a positive impression not only on the girl but also on her parents.

Dowry issue

Particular attention should be paid to dowry. Any man who marries a Thai woman has to pay a certain sum of money to her parents. This is an old tradition that may seem wild for westerners but is completely normal for many Asian countries. This is not only about money but also about your financial stability. Her parents need to know that you are a wealthy man who is able to provide her with everything she needs. As for the sums, they can vary from 3.000 to 10.000 USD.

Thai brides are not for sale

Many Western men consider that they can visit an Asian country, select a bride and buy her. We are not living in the Middle Ages, and today human trafficking is illegal. Asian women, particularly Thai brides are not for sale. A good salary is your advantage, but do not think it will make a Thai lady love and then marry you.